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Sunday, June 29, 2014

Week 47 - To Takashima and Back

[Note from Mom: When first Sister Scheffler, then Sister Heimuli, received calls to the exact same mission, we moms decided that WHEN (not IF) our daughters became companions, we would go to dinner together to celebrate! We had that dinner last week at -- where else? -- Kobe Restaurant (in Ogden) and sent this picture to our missionaries.]
Lakei & Pania with Kevin & Sheri Scheffler...and their table's chef/comedian.
Wow! We DIED LAUGHING at you guys` picture! It`s so fun being able to serve with someone I`ve known my whole life. And we love telling people our story when we first meet them, too! What a crazy week we`ve had...I guess it will always be crazy since we`re together!
"I miss my mission mom and dad!" said Sis Heimuli, shown here at the Zinke's farewell mission tour, along with Sis Scheffler...a few days before they became companions!
There was a really cool miracle we saw this week. As we planned where to go Monday night during planning I felt like we should go to Takashima which is the furthest point in my area and I have never been there. It`s an hour by train and I heard it was 3 hours by bike. So we were like `Yeah! Let`s do it!` The next day we hopped on our bikes and yup...rode for about 3 and a half hours before finally finding the area where the houses were that we needed to find. By that time it was actually time to turn around or else we wouldn`t make it home on time. We thought about it and decided to leave our bikes, catch the train, and try again the next day. The next day we took the train back to Takashima, got our bikes and began biking again. Our legs were super tired from the previous day`s bike ride but we were pretty determined to find these less active sisters we wanted to visit.

We finally found one and, as we ping-ponged her, she seemed pretty distraught that we were there and she told us to wait a minute. She came out and just bluntly told us she wanted nothing to do with the church and she was sorry we came out to Takashima but she wasn`t going to let us in. And then she walked away, slamming her door. Scheffler shimai and I just looked at each other like, `What just happened?`

We decided on a new and improved action plan for the next sister`s house. We figured if we left our bikes right by her door step so she would see we biked there, then she would feel willing to let us in, and there we could try to teach a lesson. So we did! At the next sister`s house we rang the door bell, she came out, gasped when she saw our bikes and said, `Come in! Come in!` Relieved, we walked in and she fed us cookies and milk. We talked and introduced ourselves. When the time seemed right I asked her if we could sing a hymn for her and she was really excited to hear it. We sang and she started singing along too! That gave us an opportunity to bear testimony and really testify to her about why we are here as missionaries, and that even biking for 3 hours couldn`t change how much we loved helping people and teaching about the gospel. She agreed. She was very kind and respectful. Before we left she gave us a huge bag of treats and told us to take it slow riding home and to stop frequently and eat those treats. She was so sweet!

The miracle wasn`t that she let us in because she felt bad that we rode bikes all the way to her house. The miracle was that both of these sisters were even home. We don`t call ahead of time before visiting people. We just pray and ask Heavenly Father to guide them so that they`re home when we want to meet. We visit lots of less actives everyday and most of the time they`re not home. But the Lord knew how difficult of a bike ride it was for two sister missionaries on mamacharis (the type of bike we have) and He heard our prayers and answered them. No, the first sister didn`t have any interest but at least she was home! And the second sister didn`t make a return appointment but she was home too! And best of all, we got an opportunity to bear testimony, which is why we are here. That day we had to hurry and bike back to the church in time for 2 other lessons and our English class. The Lord provided the way for us to be able to do all the things we needed to do that day.

Yesterday the ward members heard that we biked to Takashima and back and they were amazed! Everyone kept walking up to us asking if we were okay. They kept saying, `If you were elders maybe I would believe it...but you`re sisters! I can`t believe you made it there and back!` Funny, they don`t even realize that both of us grew up with all brothers!! We know we couldn`t have done any of that without the Lord. Imagine if the sisters weren`t home when we went to visit. That would`ve been a waste of a trip! We would`ve needed to make that trip again! The Lord truly does provide the way. We just need to be willing to work and follow the promptings He gives us.

It was an interesting week last week and we look forward to another great week this week too! I hope you all have a lovely week as well!

All my love,

Sister Heimuli

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