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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Last Week At Home

Hevynn still had so much left to do:  people to see, places to go, items to buy, and family & closest friends to spend time with. 
It's no secret that the boys focus on Hevynn 100%...here we have Harrison, Houston, Helam and Hema goofing off with their sister...as usual!

Hevynn & favorite Aunty Nei go out to dinner one last time

"Little Sis" Haley Johnson and newly-returned missionary TeeJay Johnson (Minnesota Minneapolis Mission) visit on Hevynn's last Sunday at home.

Hevynn & Evan say goodbye in English; the next time they see each other, they'll be able to speak in Japanese (Evan served in Nagoya)!

A quick day trip with Grandpa & Grandma Murray to attend the San Diego Temple with cousin Nona Soliai & meet her new baby boy!
Hanging out with Bo Bolen

Siblings together one last time...for a while!  Harrison in front; seated on couch L to R are Hema's wife Norma, Hevynn, Alicia and Dallan (getting married August 17th!); in the back are Houston, Helam & Hema

Heimuli Family BBQ: L to R are Houston, Hema, Norma, Harrison, Charney, Keanen, Noelani, Hevynn, Kalea, Marsha, Pua, Melisa, Sifa, Valerie & Maveu

OG Pic @ Heimuli BBQ: Nate, Hevynn, Grandpa Heimuli; in back are Mom, Dad, Uncle Sifa and Uncle Tini

High school friend Bri Miller visits Hevynn before she is set apart as a full-time missionary.

Best friend McKean Samuelu...really, with Hevynn's nerves of steel and all the people she said goodbye to, THIS was the one that almost made her cry...she is really going to miss this guy!

Final soccer game with the fam...Helam kneeling, Hema, Norma, Hevynn & Houston -- they lost...again.

Hevynn & her cake face

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