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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Family Tradition? Another Tender Mercy

On December 15, 2010, we dropped off Hevynn's older brother Helam at the MTC.  Unlike August 7, 2013, the weather that day three years ago was freezing cold and snowing.  But everything else about Helam's MTC Drop Off Day was absolutely heart-warming!  Read about it here and see if you can find the incredible similarity to Hevynn's MTC Drop Off Day...

August 7, 2013, provided beautiful summer weather and another heart-warming experience.  Ready for this?  Hevynn definitely was!  The rest of the kids, cousin Ina, Aunty Nei and Dad kind of were.  Mom?  Not really, but she knew it was going to happen anyway, so why not have everyone strike a Japanese photo pose and get Hevynn on her way?
We turned the corner and were just passing Stop 1 when we saw the prettiest sister missionary out there...it was Tasha -- I mean, Sister Scheffler!  If you've read earlier blog posts, you know that Hevynn & Tasha were both called to serve in Kobe Japan.  You might also have gathered that the Heimulis LOVE the Schefflers -- Tasha's parents Kevin and Sheri are some of our dearest, longest friends from back in our San Diego days.  When we dropped Helam off at the MTC in 2010, their son Elder Tyler Scheffler (headed to Costa Rica Mission) was at the curb to welcome Helam.  Now, it was Tasha who was welcoming Hevynn in! 
Who wouldn't LOVE to be greeted by this beautiful host?!  Scheffler Shimai just glowed with excitement and happiness.  Mom gave her the biggest hug from Sheri.
Then Hevynn and Tasha hugged and snapped this pic -- Sister Heimuli's first "companion" even if it was just to be escorted into the MTC!
Within a matter of what seemed like seconds, we unloaded Heimuli Shimai's luggage, took a family photo with Scheffler Shimai (so Mom could send it to Sheri!).  L to R: Norma, Mom, Hema, Harrison, Sister Heimuli, Sister Scheffler, Aunty Nei, Dad and Houston.
Houston scoops Hevynn up into a big goodbye hug.
 Aunty Nei and her favorite niece embrace.
 Daddy's girl gets in one last kiss and hug.
 Favorite sister-in-law Norma says goodbye.
 And Scheffler Shimai and Heimuli Shimai take off with red luggage in tow, without even looking back.
 Aloha 'Oe, Sister Heimuli!  See you in 18!

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