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Monday, January 19, 2015

Welcome Home

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Last night at the mission home. Next stop: Home!

Family and closest friends gathered at Salt Lake City International Airport to welcome Sister Heimuli home. Hema waited at the gate for his sister to deplane. 
The rest of the fam anxiously waited at baggage claim with signs, cameras and smiles. 
Bo Bolen and Kastle Soliai
Dad made this sign...pretty great, huh? 
And then she descended the escalator (here are just a few pics) -- home at last!
Hugging Mom while cousin Tai Murray catches it all on camera
Houston gets his sis all to himself for just a second
Aunty Lani
Grandpa Murray and missionary granddaughter share a tender embrace
(Left to Right) Cousin Leah Heimuli and Uncle Hema say hi while Elliot and Alex Knox show off their signs: "Will you marry me?" and "Or me?" Funny guys. 
This sign, made by Hema and Norma, was obviously her favorite! Mine, too. 
Hevynn and Bo
Sister Heimuli with her cousins (clockwise from back row) Terina Semaia, Tai Murray, Kaimana Soliai, Kastle Soliai and Dakota Soliai (with the cool colorful hair)
Lil sis Haley Johnson
The whole fam...not even going to try and list them all here!

Oh those missionary shoes -- only pair she came back from Japan with. 
At the stake center waiting to meet with President Gordon (missing Alyssa who had a track meet in Idaho). 
Welcome home

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