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Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sister Tasha Scheffler, one of Hevynn's favorite companions, together again just moments before church started. 


Hevynn arrived at the airport on Saturday night. She spoke in church 18 hours later...and she did a great job. It was easy to feel of her love for the Savior and her love for the people of Japan. The Moleni Brothers came and sang one of her favorite songs "Another's Burden"
Click on this YouTube link:

You'll love it!  

The chapel was packed with loved ones and ward members. Afterward we had a crowd at the house. It was wonderful. I don't know what we would do without so much love and support. Here are just a few pics of Sunday. 

Hevynn with her brother Helam and sister-in-law Alyssa after church
Stephanie Woods also served in the Japan Kobe Mission and Hevynn adores her
Chris, Cindy and Izzy Boettcher live in Cedar City, but Hevynn met this wonderful family when they lived in Otsu Japan. Their son Nick is currently serving in the Japan Kobe Mission!

One of Hevynn's all-time favorite families drove up from St George. (L to R) Elliot Knox, little Zoe and her mom Emily Tate, Bev Knox, Lauren (holding Saylor) Murray, cousin Tai (holding Finnley) and Alex Knox
Hevynn and Tenney shimai arrived home from Japan together. Scheffler shimai arrived home in December. And it was great to snap a pic of all 3 together at the house. 
Would someone please tell me why, oh why, my kids can NEVER pose for a normal picture?  Ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce you to the Heimulis and Johnsons.   
Our daughter and her beautiful sisters-in-law!  L to R: Alicia, Hevynn, Norma and Alyssa. Love these girls so much. Probably too much. Nah.

Soliai cousins - what a good looking bunch! L to R Josh Soliai, Ani Lawrence (holding baby Po'u), Po'u Soliai, Hevynn, Fua Mauigoa, Kastle Soliai, Taeja Afalava and Dakota Soliai

Oh, and check out this video of Hevynn's homecoming, filmed and edited by Helam.
Click on the link below:

It's pretty cool. Actually, it's super cool.

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