Kobe, Japan

Wednesday, July 31, 2013


...and before we knew it, Sunday, July 28th was upon us. It was a beautiful day. Our dearest family and friends came to support Hevynn at church. Tina Purcell Niumatalolo's Latter-Day Ambassador Choir provided incredible, inspiring music. Hevynn gave a powerful talk. A bunch of folks came over to our home to eat, laugh, hug, and say goodbye. Just one more week left. Here are a few pics of the special day.

Dad, Hevynn and Mom - notice the gorgeous leis handmade by Aunty Maile and shipped all the way from Hawaii!

Another primary teacher, Cindy Bell, made this cake -- Hevynn will miss her CTR4 Primary kids!
Helam & Hevynn

Jessye Johnson & Hevynn

As the crowd dissipated, Hevynn snuggled with cousin Tai & Lauren's beautiful baby Finnley

Bo Bolen & Hevynn
Hevynn, cousin Melisa Heimuli and Aunty Lani Pili

Hevynn and the lovely Mauigoa/Soliai girls!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Missionaries Come and Missionaries Go

With only 13 days until Hevynn enters the MTC, the past couple of months have been a whirlwind of activity.  She has visited every clothing store in the state -- a few times!  Since then, friends have left on missions...

Hevynn at Tasha Scheffler's farewell.  Sister Scheffler entered the MTC on June 26th headed to -- guess where? -- Japan Kobe Mission!
 ...and friends have come home...

Heimuli kids welcome back Elder TeeJay Johnson on July 10th from the Minnesota Minneapolis Misson!

...and even though past experience says to expect more of the same...

3-year-old Harrison welcomes Elder Hema Heimuli home from Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission in 2008

..and more again...

7-year old Harrison welcomes Elder Helam Heimuli home from the Georgia Atlanta Spanish-speaking Mission in 2012
  ...it doesn't make it any easier when it's finally here (with proof in black-and-white)...

 ...she's on her way, and there's nothing more she'd rather do at this time in her life.  We will miss her.