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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Almost Gone...

August 7, 2013

When Hevynn opened her call on March 21, 2013, in Laie, Hawaii, it felt as though this day would never arrive.  As with her brothers, MTC Drop Off Day got here sooner than we thought it would.

The day started out with a family breakfast.  Grandpa & Nate Heimuli, Grandpa & Grandma Murray, Aunty Nei, and Hema & Norma all slept over.  Hema & Norma made their famous crepes which meant a quick dash to the store for nutella!

Then she needed to go and get one final immunization...why not?

And add Dad & Mom to her bank account (we're rich now!) and extend her expiration dates to February 2015.

Received a father's blessing, held family prayer, then posed for a picture with both sets of Hevynn's grandparents whom she absolutely adores.

Provo Temple grounds were beautiful -- green grass, blue sky, and Elder Brendan Green (from our ward...headed to California Los Angeles Mission!).  Sister Heimuli and Elder Green took a great non-hugging photo.  Both were so excited to get going!!!

Loved ones just started appearing almost out of nowhere while we waited for the clock to hit 1:10 pm.  Here Hevynn gets a great big hug from her best cousin Terina Semaia.

Aunty Nei & Sister Heimuli at the Provo Temple.

Hevynn is happily surprised by another cousin coming to say "goodbye for now." That's cousin Maveu Heimuli at left.

Brothers Hema, Houston and Harrison give the Queen one last ride.  Sadly, Helam had football practice at Weber State so he wasn't able to come.

Pure joy on Hevynn's face as she hugs cousin Lauryn Pili goodbye.

Family Over Everything:  (Top) Heimuli cousins Maveu, his wife Val, and cousin Melisa; (Middle) Murray cousins Ina Semaia and baby boy Mino held by Uncle Lakei, Lauryn Pili, Dallin Pili and little Hezekiah in front; (Bottom) Just our little fam minus Helam -- dang it!

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