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Monday, July 7, 2014

Not Our Weekly Letter - Anything For Her

Hi mom!!!!

So big news. Our ward wants to do a Luau to help all our investigators and less actives. It was my crazy companion`s idea....but they just took it and ran with it! We, your daughters
, Scheffler shimai and I, are in charge of a hula, teriyaki chicken, and a uke solo. So will you please send me the recipe for Dad’s teriyaki sauce, the chords and words to Smiles, Over the Rainbow, and Hukilau please?? 

The ward is planning on feeding 50 people (which I know is NOTHING compared to our parties, but it has never been my total responsibility to feed them all, haha). Would you please email it to me by the time I get off email. I will be back on at 1 pm our time (9 pm your time Sun night). Also is it possible to speed deliver the PCC dvd back to me by July 17? We have the Luau on the 19th but I would like everything ready a few days before. And do you have any IZ songs and hawaiian music you could send over in MP3 right now so I can stick it on Scheffler shimai`s harddrive? Have Houst get on the computer and send me a bunch of slow Hawaiian jamz and stuff. That would be GREAT! LOVE YOU!!!!!!! Sorry this is so much!!! LOVE YOU!

[Note from Mom: Had all the boys and Norma home for dinner; Alyssa’s in Europe. As soon as Hevynn’s email landed, the boys sprung (is that a word?) into action! Houston downloaded music copying programs, Helam started downloading multiple IZ and Keali’I Reichel songs simultaneously. I picked Hema’s brain about chords to send. He and Norma took off for home to get more Hawaiian music and email it off to Japan. I was very grateful -- and not at all surprised -- at the kids’ willingness to jump in and immediately respond to their sister’s request for help. They love her. They would literally do anything for her. And all I had to do was send a recipe, lyrics and uke chords…easy.  Later…]

Thank you that helped soooo much! Hemz is the bomb digz. [Sounds like she received the emailed music from her brother already!]
Just had to throw in a pic of eldest brother Hema...the bomb digz (whatever that means)...and his beautiful wife, Norma (aka Mrs. Bomb Digz)

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