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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Week 51 - The Gospel Net Catches Strange Fish

Hear the news?? Sister Scheffler and I get to be together one more transfer! This makes it my 6th transfer in Ootsu...WOOOAAAHHHHH! It`s super rare to be in an area any longer than 3 transfers, and it`s even more rare to be companions (with someone that`s known you your whole life) not only for one transfer but TWO! We are SOOOO stoked. Big things are going to happen.
Can you tell how excited I am to still be companions with Sister Scheff?
The buzz from last week`s luau is still in the air!
Not only is the good luau feeling still left over, but lucky me, so is some of the teriyaki chicken!
People at church kept coming up to me and saying `Aloha!` Even the primary kids. All these families in the ward are like my family. I`ve spent more than 6 months with these beautiful people and look forward to continuing to work with them for another transfer! Last night as we were plugging numbers we found that we visited 105 less actives, and 3 of which have been reactivated and we have a couple more making their way back to being totally active. It`s nice to look back and see how the Lord`s blessed us in our efforts, but there`s so much more to do. 
Playing around with children of one of my investigators
A big focus for our mission has now been the 5 elements of missionary work (Find, Teach, Baptize, Retain, Rescue) and applying that to not only investigators but members as well. In interviews this week President Welch asked us how many of us know someone who needs to be Retained or Rescued who are already members and every single missionary raised their hand. People all around us need to be rescued.
Bye bye for Jackson choro
President Welch is an amazing man. He said, `The gospel net catches strange fish. There is no, `well, in japan`... `well, in America`...we are all part of the same culture, the culture of the Gospel.` 
Matsuri! People everywhere.
He also said that in his opinion polynesian people are the closest to the ideal gospel culture because we hug and kiss a lot! When here in Japan you stand feet apart and bow a little. He wants to see more japanese people hug and even more japanese people smiling. 
Pics with some of our favorite investigators. Been forever since Sister Scheff and I had a corn dog!
He`s a really funny but real man. He makes us laugh but makes us cry all within the same 5 minutes. The spirit was so strong as he and Sister Welch testified to us of why we are here. Not only to help those that still don`t know about the gospel, but to help those that are already fully on the path of Enduring to the End -- to help them endure well. 

President also made it a point to tell me he`s a big fan of dad in front of all the missionaries. Everyone was super confused, I think they think dad`s in the Quorum of the Seventy or something like that because no one`s thinking along the lines of sports right now, haha. It was such a great experience being able to receive counsel from our president and then be individually interviewed by him. He asked if he could help me with anything and I said, `Well, you could leave me in my area with my companion!` and I guess Scheffler shimai said something along those lines too. So you can imagine how surprised we were when we opened transfer calls! I love this work, this gospel is true, we can all be apart of the greatest culture on earth...the culture of the gospel.

Work hard, smile, and have a great week!


Sister Heimuli

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