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Sunday, June 22, 2014

Week 46 - Don't Overthink

Sister Scheffler and I find ourselves looking at each other countless times during the day and saying `What are we doing?! How are we companions?!` It`s been such a fun few days together. I too am excited to see the miracles that the Lord has in store for us this transfer. Can you believe I`m working alongside a girl I grew up knowing my whole life?! It`s been such a blessing to see how Sister Scheffler works and how the Lord knew I needed to learn quite a few things from her. We saw a huge miracle together after our first day together!

For the last 3 transfers we`ve been trying to find this Less Active sister whose address was wrong and we thought we lost her. But a member called last week with her new address, and when Sister Scheffler transferred in she was the first one I wanted to find! We biked for a while but it was pretty easy to find her house.
Heard a huge rip sound and my bike stopped and my skirt was caught in it. This is my 3rd skirt i`ve ruined. I am so sick of buying skirts! It was pretty intense...the pictures don`t even do it justice....

When we rang, it looked like no one was home. All of a sudden a sister came outside and she was SO happy to see us. She told us to wait a minute, shut the door, we heard some rustling around, and then she said, `I`m sorry my house is so small, but would you like to come in?` Japanese people do not like when people just stop by unannounced but she was super open to us from the get go. We sat down she squeezed some fresh Mikans (orange like fruit) and had us eat some treats and talk with her. We talked about a lot of things and about when she first met missionaries. She said she didn`t think she was a member anymore because she had stopped going to church about 40 years ago. We assured her she was still a member and that she could come back with us! She seemed a little hesitant but since she liked us she wasn`t weirded out by our bold invite. She then wanted to show us around her house so we were like sure! She took us upstairs into this tiny room with a bunch of pictures she`s painted and photography she`s taken, and there was a dusty guitar sitting in the corner. I told her, `Would you mind if we sang you a song?` she was more than happy to let us! I asked her what her favorite hymn was but she didn`t remember any. So Scheffler shimai and I sang I Am a Child of God while I guessed at what chords to play. Halfway through the song she started humming and then singing the words too! When we finished, she was surprised she still remembered the words. We bore simple testimony and she told us about how her parents have gotten really ill lately and she`s been so worried. She said that having us visit and sing that song comforted her and she realized that God still knows her. Scheffler shimai and I were shocked as we looked at each other like `Wow`. I asked her if she`d like to study about God again and she was so excited! We set up an appointment for this week and she said she`d make us lunch and we can study the Book of Mormon together. This was a miracle because we`ve tried to find her house countless times, but we could never find it. She`s been away from church for 40 years, and by that time most people have hardened their hearts to it. Her parents situation has softened her heart and opened the opportunity for us to reinvite her back to church. The timing was perfect, that definitely was not our power but Heavenly Father`s power. This may seem like a small deal to some people, but after working with the Japanese people for almost a year, it`s a huge miracle to me!

I love Sister Scheffler`s `Just Work` attitude. We don`t overthink things, we just go out and do. That`s the way it`s supposed to be! If we think too much, we might overthink the Spirit and miss an opportunity to do something great. Yesterday we had Stake Conference and they broadcasted this special meeting for Japan. It is such a privilege and honor to work here in Japan. It`s not easy but it`s oh so worth it! So this week, don`t overthink the Spirit, don`t second guess a prompting. Follow what feels right and I know God will see your faith and open many doors that you didn`t even know were there!



Last pics with Hall shimai!
Bishop's wife made us these cute hymn book covers

Bishop & YSAs came to say goodbye to Sister Hall

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