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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Week 44 - Just Listen

Thanks for the picture! Everyone looks great! I miss the Ole PCC crew. Tell Po`u cut his hair! Hahaha. Wow! You all sound like you`ll have a busy week! But busy weeks make time fly by for some reason! I woke up this morning and I couldn`t even BELIEVE it was Monday again!

Yes President and Sister Zinke will be leaving in about two weeks. We have our bye-bye kai this coming Wednesday. To think this may be the last time we`ll see them is pretty sad, however I`m looking forward to what President Welch and his wife will teach us.
Speaking of people leaving, the sisters found these big boxes of food waiting for them when they arrived at the church.  They were from the Boettcher family who moved back to the U.S.
Something I`ve really learned from our President and his wife is that the Spirit is the key. Think about it, we are the only church in the world that has the Holy Ghost testifying of it. That`s what makes it true. We are taught over and over again that the Holy Ghost teaches truth. Everything in the books we use as missionaries and members throughout the world (Book of Mormon, Bible, PMG, Gospel Principles, etc.) always refer back to the Holy Ghost.

`If ye have not the spirit, ye will not teach` `the spirit teacheth a man to pray` `...then ye shall know by the power of the spirit...`

Sometimes we forget about the third member of the Godhead, The Holy Ghost. If the Holy Ghost is a member of the Godhead then He must be a God. If you look up Holy Ghost in the Bible Dictionary it tells us He`s a God. As baptized members of the Church we are promised to always have a God (the Holy Ghost) with us if we remain worthy of His presence. With the Holy Ghost as our constant companion we can do anything.

Recently, we haven`t been able to work with one of our Less Active sisters because she got really sick and couldn`t handle us visiting anymore. This nearly broke our hearts because she was progressing so well. As we continued to pray for her she eventually emailed us and asked for some Book of Mormon homework. When we first met with her she told us she wouldn`t return to Church. The next time we met she said she would return no earlier than August. Then this week she emailed us and said, `If I`m feeling well on Sunday, can I go to church with you?` Sister Hall and I had to read that email ten times to make sure we weren`t mistaken! This is what I think:  as she read the homework we had given her the Spirit testified to her that this was true, that going to Church was important. If you think about it, we humans don`t have that much control over things. I couldn`t force her to feel like the homework we gave her would help her. That`s something only the Holy Ghost can do. `...and the spirit carrieth it unto the hearts of the children of men...`(2Nephi 33:1)

We waited for her in the lobby on Sunday, and she walked in right before sacrament. It had been over 10 years since she`d been to church, and at the end of the meeting she turned to me and said, `Same time next week?`

What a blessing it is to have the Holy Ghost helping us do this work. I know this is something man cannot do, only with the help of our Heavenly Father and His Son Jesus Christ through the Holy Ghost.
Sister Heimuli and a less-active sister
Even though this sister was nervous to come back to church because she was scared of what people would think of her, I know that anyone and everyone is worthy of Christ`s Atonement. Everyone deserves it. And I`m so grateful that President and Sister Zinke have done an amazing job at helping us recognize that the Spirit is the key in everything we do and that the Atonement is enough for all of us.

I know Heels is getting married this week! It`s come so fast! And there`s so much going on, but please don`t let things around you get so crazy that you shut out the promptings of the Spirit. He`s not loud, He`s not harsh, yet He`s willing to help if we will just listen. I promise that as you listen to the Spirit this week, your thoughts will be organized, your struggles won`t seem as hard, and your week will end up being full and satisfying! You won`t have any regrets! I still haven`t gotten your packages yet but I`m excited to! I love you all and hope you have a FUN and memorable week!

All my love,

Sister Heimuli
At church, Sister Heimuli met one of her mom's Kahuku classmates: Alan Walker and family from Ewa Beach, Hawaii
Ran into this cute little guy at the lake

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