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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Week 33 - My Heart Has Grown About 2 Inches

Glad to hear you made it back to the Mainland safely! I too am so grateful for Siu. She really did bring a special spirit to our Heimuli family gatherings. But even more so, how grateful I am for the Plan of Salvation. I know we will see her again. Not only that, but she`ll be perfect...we all will be! Hall shimai and I taught family home evening here at the church yesterday. We taught the plan of salvation, so it`s such a coincidence that you talked about that in your email to me. We made the young men and soon-to-be missionaries help us bear testimony about every section of the Plan of Salvation. They were so nervous! But they all did great. The church is still young in these parts, but their youth are looking so promising.

It`s amazing how, over this transfer, my heart has grown about two inches, I swear. Not only because it`s pounding so hard when we bike up the mountains to get to our apartment (haha), or because I am still so nervous to speak Japanese to people, but because this ward has really taught me what it means to love. I`ve come to really love this ward and this city. I am so blessed to be here one more transfer! That`s right, I didn`t have to transfer. I am SO stoked!
One rainy day this past week, we ate lunch in this cozy cafe.  Below, is the view from our table.
In PMG it says that the Lord `...wants you to watch over your area with love and great care.` The Lord wants us to love where we serve and love whom we serve. It`s been easy to love the people here because they`re just really, really good people. The YSA put on a talent show Saturday night which was AWESOME! Our ward is SO talented and everyone loves to be in each other`s company. We had the show and dinner together. Two of our investigators came to the show! Then as we were cleaning up, one more of our investigators wandered in. Before we even saw her, all the Relief Society sisters had swarmed her, welcomed her, and took her jacket and bag. They sat her down, and even though we had just finished eating and were in the midst of cleaning, they made her a big bowl of rice and curry and a plate of desserts and made her sit and relax while we cleaned. I was so touched to see that she didn`t even need the missionaries by her side -- the sisters fellowshipped her right as she walked in the doors. Some sat next to her and asked how her day was and what they could do to help her. This particular investigator has had a lot of financial problems and a really rough past. The sisters` love is something she really needs. After she finished eating, we had to head home and one sister volunteered to drive her to the station so she wouldn`t have to walk alone. I was SO grateful for their examples of thoughtfulness and kindness. Their sincere desire to help us missionaries and to do the Lord`s work is outstanding. I know I`m the missionary, but our investigators and especially the ward members teach me so much every day.

I was thinking back on this past transfer and what I could do better to get the work done that the Lord needs me to do, when I came across this scripture in D&C 3:3 `Remember, remember, it is not the work of God that is frustrated, but the work of men.` Of course there are ways to improve every day, we are human and we all have imperfections. But I found it comforting to know that even with my weaknesses and incapabilities, the Lord`s work will not be frustrated. Nor will it ever be frustrated. Hall shimai and I talk about how before we became missionaries, there were missionaries out there  working everyday like we work and we didn`t even notice them. Before I became a missionary, the Lord`s work was going, and long after my full-time missionary service is over, His work will continue still. The Lord`s work will never be frustrated.
Our District. Our awesome district leader, DeSilva Choro went home and Brown Choro from Woods Cross is transferring. Other than that, we are all staying! Brown Choro knows Houst, he remembers him from football, haha. Small world.
We had a potential investigator come to church yesterday for her first time. She came to listen to Hall shimai speak and to hear us sing. (Yes, we sang with the Elders, Novak and Brown chorotachi) and she loved it! But during the talks the sister next to her kept showing her scriptures and giving her things to read so she couldn`t just focus on how she felt. I was getting kind of irritated. I thought, `Wow, this is going to be a train wreck. She`s not going to want to come back ever again because this sister keeps giving her all this unnecessary stuff to read.` Then that scripture came to mind and I thought, `Hmm, okay if she`s prepared by the Lord it doesn`t matter what I say or what this sister gives her, the Lord`s work will never be frustrated. If it`s His will, she`ll come back.` And after sacrament she had to leave and she said she wanted to come back next week...YES! I was relieved and grateful. We have an appointment to meet with her this week, so keep her in your prayers.

Thanks for sending me that picture of Heels and the other boys I don`t know...Heels is the best lookin` one ;) And Houston looks good in his dance pic! The tights and pink shirt are a good look for him. I think he should wear that more often -- it really brings out his feminine side! Hemz sent me some awesome Spanish stuff because our investigator won`t teach us how to conjugate. He just speaks it to us and we speak it back. I know my Spanish grammar is awful, but my grammar in English is awful too so whatevz. I love you guys! The weather has been really good lately and it just makes me think of days when we`d play rugby and volleyball at the beach or have lazy days at the pool. I am so happy the weather is clearing up. When the weather is happy the people are happy and they`ll stop to talk to us more!

Have an awesome week! I love you!

The sister who is STILL in OTSU!!!! Cheeeehoo!

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