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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Week 32 - My Favorite Part of the Week


So ya`ll are in Hawaii?? Ah! Go catch some waves for me, k? Today we played soccer with some Brazilian elders and our investigator. We played for about an hour and a half and today just happened to be an abnormally hot day so I was DYING! (Not to mention I am super out of shape.) I wanted to hop into the lake SO bad. So please, catch some good waves, eat some poke and pake cake, and drink some guava juice for me! 

[Note from Mom: Request granted! Harrison caught some good waves, Mom ate some poke, Dad ate pake cake, and we all drank guava juice. That's what families are for, right?] 

This week, like all other weeks, went by fast! We were housing in a new area and this really spunky guy walked up to us and asked us if we`d like to try some fresh apples and maybe buy some from him. We talked for a bit, and ate his apples (which really were the best apples I`ve ever had!) and then bought a couple from him. He used to live in New York as a dancer so he loves anything and everything about America. He also spoke a little bit of English and told us his reasons for wanting to study English more. He boldly told us, `Amerikajin girlfriend ga hoshii node benkyou shitai` which means he wants a girlfriend from America, so he wants to study English more so that he can get one. Haha. I didn't have the heart to tell him that speaking English was not what was going to get him an American girlfriend (I mean, my brothers spoke English all their lives and...haha). We just laughed, left him with a flyer for our free English class and kept going.

We got to this other area and as we turned the corner to talk to more people this little girl zoomed around us on a unicycle. It`s a little harder to talk to kids here because they use Plain Form so they don`t conjugate their words properly, which makes it a little harder for us to follow what they`re saying. But she started talking to us about why we were there and asked us where we were from. She was very friendly and curious. We told her we were volunteers, that we teach English and teach people about our church. She didn`t have an interest but she started following us. 
When we`d stop to ring one door and talk to someone, she`d get off her unicycle and stand right behind us. When we`d start walking again, she`d hop up on her unicycle and ride along side us. As we walked from house to house, she`d read the kanji names on each house sign for us, so we were able to use the people`s names as we contacted them. She was actually a lot of help! She became a missionary for a little bit and she didn`t even know it...she was SO cute! We eventually had to tell her bye. She told us, `When you return, we`ll practice riding unicycles together.` I hope that when we return, she and her family will be ready to hear the gospel together, too!

My favorite part of the week was teaching an investigator and committing him to baptism. It was amazing. We weren`t even planning on extending a baptismal invite to him, but the conversation just moved comfortably to baptism so we talked about it. I asked him if that`s something he`d want and he said yes. His date isn`t until May, but it`s definitely something I am looking forward to!

I wish I had more time to write. I am SO sorry this letter isn`t as uplifting as it should be. I am healthy, and happy, and I`ve got work to do! Love you guys, I`ll write more next week...maybe...LOVE YOU!

Just received this photo of Elder Scott D. Whiting's visit to Hevynn's area. Hevynn is on the 1st standing row, just behind the Mission President's wife's (Sister Zinke's) right shoulder.
Sister Heimuli

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