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Monday, March 24, 2014

Surprise Emails: Sister Heimuli is Fantastic

[Note from Mom:  Love getting emails/pics from members in Japan!  This awesome family has a missionary son serving in Texas Fort Worth.  They also show such great love and concern for the missionaries serving in Otsu.  And I'm sure Hevynn was excited to have shoyu chicken for dinner!  Hmmm...just realized pretty much all her pics are taken with/for/about food...haha, some things never change.]

Dear Pania,
I forgot to send this the other day. We had the Relief Society Birthday activity. The presidency made homemade pizza. It was delicious. We are actually have the sisters over for dinner tonight so I will send more pictures. Hope you are doing well. It is finally warming up here. Sister Heimuli is fantastic.  Love, Cindy 

Hi Again, 
We loved having the sisters over for dinner tonight. My husband made shoyu chicken. It was yummy. Sister Heimuli said thanks for the hug. Have a great day!!  Love, Cindy

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