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Monday, May 19, 2014

Week 41 - This Amazing Promise

Hello everyone! Yes talking to you last week was great, but I am so happy I didn`t have to talk to you today (no offense, mama!). We made time to explore a Shinto temple so that was a lot of fun!

After we poked around for a little bit and went shopping for food, I felt someone tap my shoulder while we were walking in the store. I turned around and heard the cutest little giggles. It was Bishop Hayashi`s wife! I love Hayashi shimai. She calls me Daughter Heimuli instead of Sister Heimuli. She helped us read some lables and she left before we did. When we went out to our bikes to put our groceries away and head up to the Church to email, we looked in our baskets and she had put yummy cookies and treats in there for us! She`s such a sweet woman. I hope I can help the missionaries out as much as she does when I return. She`s so loving and such an awesome lady. I really am not being biased when I say Ootsu, in the Japan Kobe Mission, is the best place in the world. It really is.

Cake decorating with investigator Ootani

Speaking of Ootsu, we went on exchanges again this last week! I worked with Sister Griffin who is from California. She`s one transfer ahead of me and so adorable. I love exchanges because I always walk away with a million more ways to improve and it blesses my life and my investigators' lives. Something Zinke kaicho really focused on this last Zone Conference Meeting was being prepared. He taught from Alma 49 when Captain Moroni and Helam fortified the city and prepared for the Lamanites who were coming to attack them. All their preparation, together with relying on the Lord, led to them being successful and not losing a single one of their men.

As we spiritually prepared for the Sister Training Leaders to go on exchanges with us, I decided to take what he said seriously and do a little extra planning for the next day. As a mission, we have from 10:00 pm - 10:30 pm to spiritually prepare for the next day. During this sacred half hour, there is no showering, no music, just meditation and prayer to boost our spiritual tenacity. We finished planning at 9:15, I jumped in the shower, and was ready for bed in 10 minutes. I took the rest of the night to map out exactly where we were going, what streets we were going to take, everything. I wrote everything both in Kanji and in Hiragana so that if we did get lost, I could ask people around me for help. I also identified the buildings and land marks in the areas of the places we wanted to go, to be sure that we were in the right places. It was kind of a hassle, time consuming and a little frustrating as I tried to decipher Kanji and map out where we wanted to be at specific times, but the next day during exchanges it made it all worth while!

Sister Griffin and I biked for 2 hours to the furthest away location I felt that we needed to go. We found the house we were trying to visit, but unfortunately no one was home. We made our way back home and arrived safely and quickly to all the different houses we were determined to visit -- which is way weird because it usually takes Sister Hall and I a million years to find one house! But that whole day, because I had taken the time the night before to prepare really well, I felt totally confident and comfortable. And because I had put in more effort, the Lord guided me that whole day. It was a huge testimony builder to me that preparation isn`t just important, but it is crucial if you want to do the Lord`s work His way. I also learned that if every needful thing is prepared, the Lord truly does take care of the rest.

"Yea, whosoever will thrust in his sickle and reap, the same is called of God. Therefore, if you will ask of me ye shall receive; if you will knock it shall be opened unto you." (D&C 14:4-5)

I think this is the coolest promise we have, other than that if we will follow the commandments we will have Eternal Life. All we need to do is prepare, ask God for whatever is out of our control, and He says so Himself that we WILL receive. Do we all take advantage of this amazing promise?

As always, it was another great week here in the JKM. (Japan Kobe Mission). I am a part of the greatest work on Earth, we all are! I hope the weather at home is as beautiful as it is here in Japan! I got the cutest wedding announcement for Tia Mauigoa and Spencer Saena`s wedding...when am I going to get one for Helam? I better get one from my own brother. Remember Kyle Armatage? He emailed me and he`s only got 6 months left! Time goes sooooo fast. Elder Mauigoa also emailed me from Australia and told me life on his mission is going by just as fast as mine is. Time is something we never get back, so use it well! I love you all and I look forward to hearing from you next week!

Love you!

Sister Heimuli

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