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Monday, May 12, 2014

Week 40 - Don't Worry Mama!

[Note from Mom:  Best. Mother's Day. Ever. My wonderful husband cooked an amazing dinner, joined by our Moms, Hevynn's favorite Aunty, our children, soon-to-be-our children, and like-our-own children. To top it all off, everyone got to speak with Sister Heimuli...which explains the super short email and no new mission pics...but Mother's Day still doesn't get much better than this.]
Two-week-old Hevynn Pania Ku'ulehualani Heimuli & her mother (1993).
Mom, it was SOOOOO good to talk to you and hear your voice! I was so happy to hear from the whole fam bam. You had a crowd over there! So great to talk to my brothers, the girls, Aunty Nei and my grandmas and grandpa, too. Yes, I busted out my whole Tongan vocab for Grandpa H (all 4 words I know, haha). Too bad Grandpa M is in NZ, but I'm sure he is having fun with the family over there. It was good to hear from Bo, too -- thank you.

Oh, the video I sent you for the wedding is hideous, mom. I am so sorry I don't look any prettier. No time for that. Sorry there`s no song. No time for that either, haha. Guess the boys will have to represent me.

Sorry to hear about work. I shouldn`t have brought it up! It`s okay, just do what you always do and follow the spirit. I promise, any difficult situation will fall away if you just listen to the spirit. I have to open my mouth and struggle to put japanese words together every day, but I've learned that if I just do what I feel, it always works out! Don`t worry Mama!

I LOVED talking to my Daddy. I have the best dad in the world! He`s always got my back. I'm so glad he made your day so special. I will email him what team our bishop`s son likes in my letter next week.

Tai emailed me last week and told me he loved me and missed me. Sent me pics of their new baby, and pics of Finn, beautiful Lauren, and of his ugly face. Haha, I love Tai.

The boys sound like they`re growing up! Except Harry wouldn`t say anything to me, haha I love him though!

Well we`re headed to go get our bikes fixed since these mountains are really tearing up our wheels. Here`s a pic from the ward bbq we had this past week. It took us 2 hours to bike there, most of it up hill. I thought I wasn`t ganna make it, but then I thought about all the yummy food we would have there and it kept me going! Haha

Love you Mama. Happy Mother's Day!

Sister Heimuli

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