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Monday, February 24, 2014

Week 29 - We Don't Have to Suffer

Wow! Sounds like everyone`s doing great! Yes, Sister Scheffler and I are in the same zone still and I`ll see her on Wednesday! I always look forward to seeing her. We have such a good time together! And Sister Hall is awesome. We`re doing good, just working hard to find those that are ready to hear the gospel. We didn`t teach as many lessons as we wanted to this week, but we did do our best every day. We`ve both been thinking about our purpose lately which is, `...to invite others to come unto Christ...` so whenever we are streeting or housing we always start by saying, `How would Christ do this? What would Jesus do differently?` and we can usually always come up with some pretty creative ideas. Friday night we were walking up and down this really busy street between 2 malls where thousands of people go shopping. Most people are really happy to talk to us because we`re both Americans. They are either excited we`re in their country, or feel bad for us so they talk to us. But we stopped at this traffic light and this little grandma looked over at me. Anytime anyone looks at me, I always start a conversation with them. There are just too many people to talk to in a city like ours, so whoever looks at me first becomes my focus…target…haha. Plus, she asked where I was from. I started introducing myself when the wind picked up and blew my hair off my tag. 

The lady saw Christ`s name on my tag and a stunned look crossed her face. Then all of a sudden she picked up her stuff and started walking away from Sister Hall and me. I started to go after her, but she wanted nothing to do with us and I didn`t want to freak her out. I just think it`s so sad how much people dislike Christ and they don`t even know Him.

Recently, our whole mission has been trying focus more on Christ. I was reading in D&C 19:1-4 `...I shall pass upon the inhabitants thereof, judging every man according to his works and the deeds which he hath done.` I thought about how interesting it was that everywhere in the scriptures Christ always invites us to take His name upon us, and in this scripture He says we will be judged according to OUR works and the deeds that WE have done. Those works are in OUR names, not Christ`s. But once we are baptized and make covenants to take His name upon us, our works are His works. The next verse says, `And surely every man must repent or suffer, for I God, am endless.` So we have 2 choices -- Repentance: Changing our ways to be God`s ways (or taking on Christ`s name) which leads us to Eternal Life; or Suffer: Thinking our ways are better than God`s (or only taking our own names) which leads us eternal misery. I know these words may seem harsh, but that`s exactly why Christ came to this earth and submitted to the Father`s will -- to suffer for all that we do in OUR names. He suffered, so that if we choose to repent and take His name upon us, we don`t have to suffer. 

Yeah it`s pretty rough trying to get people to understand why Christ`s name is bigger than ours on our tags. Some people have told me `Oh, that`s why you`re so nice` or `You have a kind atmosphere` (literal translation) after they notice our tags. But regardless of people`s reactions to His name on our tags, we love Him for whom we labor, and we labor because He (and we!) love these people.

Speaking of those we love, our investigators are AWESOME! We got 2 new Tagalog-speaking investigators that we`re meeting with tonight. Thank goodness their English is understandable because Tagalog is pretty impossible. 

The weather has been surprisingly nice lately. It`s supposed to rain on Thursday. When it rains here, it literally rains cats and dogs. I am NOT looking forward to it, but we get to wear pants when it rains, so that`s good. Later this week, we`ll be seeing Elder Whiting at our mission tour. I can`t wait to tell you about it next week!

Hope you all have an awesome week! It should be getting warmer in Utah now, right? Boys, keep training hard. Football season will get here faster than you think. And keep being good to Mom and Dad. We were riding past a park the other day and a bunch of high school boys were playing rugby. They were probably all around Houston`s age. I wanted to play! They reminded me so much of Houst. I miss that boy.

Have a great week! Love you all!

Love always,

Sister Heimuli

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