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Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week 28 - Who Is Hevynn?

It`s okay!!! I understand that you guys don`t love me and don`t want to send emails to me...hahaha, just joking! My fambam is awesome. I love you guys to the moon and back. Thanks for the rockin` Valentine`s day package! I LOVE all the candy. Sometimes we don`t have time to eat dinner, or appointments run late and we end up skipping meals, so it`s nice to have something on hand to keep us going for a few more hours! You guys are awesome!
Well this past week was the last week of being a 3rd transfer and my first week of being a 4th transfer missionary! It`s amazing how the time passed so fast. We were at transfer point and these sisters were shouting, `Who is Hevynn? Do you know who Hevynn is?`
I told them that was my first name and they said, `Our ward keeps talking about you! They keep telling us to find Hevynn. They want you to transfer into our ward!` 
Come to find out it`s the Fukuda family that I stayed with when I was living in Osaka, remember? I remember going to church in that ward there! I sang `I Am a Child of God` in japanese  when I was 11. I can`t believe they still remember me. It`s amazing how small this world is, and the LDS world is even smaller, haha. They are in the Takatsuki ward so I hope I transfer there some day, but we'll see.
My new companion is Hall Shimai from Oklahoma. She`s adorable! 

She`s a 7th transfer and it`s cool because she wants to work together so we can help each other grow, not just tell me what I`m doing wrong. It`s super nice! We have a good relationship already. I can tell the Lord is expecting big things from us this transfer. Sadly, within the 3 days we`ve been together we haven`t been able to meet with any of our investigators. But last night we found a new investigator and her daughter. Their names are Maria and Bianca. Maria is from the Philippines. She speaks pretty okay japanese and some english. When we taught them last night it was a little bit in japanese, a little bit in english and she would say a few things in tagalog that I kinda sorta knew from my Filipino friends in Hawaii. And that`s how that lesson went. Even though it was hard to pick a language to teach it in, it was still super fun! She`s a spunky lady with lots of personality and I loved hearing anything and everything she had to say. We have an appointment to see her tomorrow night.
As far as my Tagalog goes, it`s pretty bad. But my spanish is improving! Tell Helam I understood everything he said in his letter in Spanish I just can`t speak it very well. I sat next to our Spanish speaking investigator`s mom at church yesterday and she just talked and talked and I can understand her pretty well. We have an appointment later this week to learn some Spanish and the gospel with him.
The most exciting thing that has happened was Saturday night while we were housing in an area relatively close to our apartment. I made a few wrong turns and we ended up on the other end of the city. It was POURING rain and we were hopelessly lost. Our shoes were soaked, we were cold, and we were 2 Americans biking aimlessly around a big city. We stopped at this restaurant that looked closed but the head chef was cleaning up. I knocked on their nice glass windows (getting it all dirty and soaked because of my rain suit, oops!). He was super nice and opened up. He told us which way to go and asked us why we were in Japan. We told him very little about who we are because we had to hurry home to make it in time for curfew. We followed his directions and in a couple minutes we were back in an area that I knew like the back of my hand! I was so confused...I had no idea how we got lost. But after we got home we both felt really strongly that as we go finding later this week, we want to go back and try to find that restaurant again and invite that guy to church. It`s kind of simple, some might say a little dumb, but I know everything happens for a reason! If you let the Lord guide His work it`ll get done!
I promise to have more things to share next week! Transfer week is always rough because if someone transfers in, or if you transfer, a lot of that time is spent getting to know each other and planning...so this week we`ll have some awesome experiences and I`ll share those next week!
Love you all!
Sister Heimuli

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