Kobe, Japan

Monday, February 17, 2014

Surprise Letter: To Utah, With Love

[Note from Mom:  Valentine's Day came and went, then a lipstick-kisses-covered envelope showed up in the mailbox!  Sister Heimuli had collaged pics on one side and a personalized letter on the reverse side for each member of her family.  What a treasure!]

Hope you guys enjoy my valentines!!!  Sorry they're kind of ghetto and really rough looking but keep 'em forever...they're probably the only souvenirs you guys will get from me. LOL (Broke, that's why).  Show those you love even MORE love.  Even though I'm in Japan, I still love each one of you.  We all have some exciting things coming up in the next year.  There are a lot of changes happening.  You've all been troopahs thus far.  Don't let up!  Keep including the Lord in your plans because "Perfect love casteth out fear" (Moroni 8:16).  Change can be uncertain, exciting and sometimes even sad, but I promise that the love of Christ, perfect love, will cast out all fear.  Love each other.  Love those that may have offended you.  But most importantly, love me...because I'm awesome!

Love always,
Heimuli Shimai

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