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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 61 - Sitting

Coming on a mission I never thought I`d suddenly be doing so much sitting. I expected hours and hours of biking, walking and waiting for trains, and that is exactly what I did for about the past 15 months. But sitting? We sit and study for 3 or 4 hours every morning, which I love. On Tuesday, I sat on a 4 hour bus ride to MLC (Mission Leadership Council) which is a big meeting for all the leaders in the mission and that lasted all day. On top of that, it was Chihobu taikai or District Conference here on our side of the island so we had to sit through 2 days’ worth of meetings. We spent so much time sitting, listening and receiving training that by the time it was time for proselyting, I just wanted to sprint out of there and go to work like crazy! But I`ve really learned so many wonderful insights this week I don`t even know where to begin.

Here are 2 things I loved learning about this past week:  1. In the Garden of Gethsemane Christ was strengthened by the angel Michael (or Adam), and 2. What it truly means to be BOLD.

1. Agency and the Fall are one of the least studied topics. Missionaries get pretty scared to teach that because it`s so deep and profound that they don`t want to mess it up, so instead they just barely scrape the surface. However, we have the Atonement because we have the Fall. We have the Fall and that`s why we are here. Adam`s fall started it all. I can only imagine how amazingly hard it was for the angel Michael see his beloved brother Jesus suffering in the Garden, and being the one who went to strengthen Him. Reminded me sort of when the boys and I would go running at the track or training early in the morning. we used to say things to each other like `Come on! You can do it!` or `Push it! Keep going!` The things we said were meant to encourage each other to run just a couple more feet or for just a few more seconds. Imagine the things Michael must have said to his brother Jesus. they probably wept together because of the Savior`s extreme physical agony, but remembering with hope that Christ`s suffering was for all who were ever on the earth and who would ever be on the earth. What a beautiful reunion it must`ve been for the 2 of them as Christ completed the final act that changed all of history.

2. What it means to be truly bold. We taught a woman named Chizuru san about the Word of Wisdom. Three minutes into the lesson, she straight up told us it`s impossible to keep the Word of Wisdom. But we decided to keep going, keep explaining, and keep testifying. By the end of the lesson she agreed to pray for the strength to keep the Word of Wisdom. Had we been overbearing instead of bold, I don`t think she would`ve accepted our invitation to pray for strength to keep the Word of Wisdom. I also think she would`ve kicked us out of her house and told us never to come back again. But like President Uchtdorf says `Overbearance is boldness without love.` She could tell we loved her. She could see we knew that keeping this commandment has blessed our lives. If all missionaries would be bold out of love, rather than being overbearing, I think their missions would change for the better!

We were out of our area this past week for a total of 4 days! But we were able to get a lot of things done. I`ll be going on my first exchange as Sister Training Leader tomorrow...I`m so excited but so nervous. I pray I can be the means whereby the Lord can teach His sister missionaries. I pray I can strengthen them and help them know how much He loves them. I know that by strengthening our testimony of the Atonement we can endure all things. The Atonement was so much more than just Christ praying for us in the Garden of Gethsemane. I know that I want to never be overbearing. I want to be bold with people because I love them. I hope you all do too! Have a great week! I`ll let you know how my first exchange goes! Love you all!

Sister Heimuli

At MLC I said goodbye to Sister Lofthouse who will be going home this transfer. She`s so awesome! She`s from Alaska and knows Spencer and them. Love this girl.
An investigator got this for me...cute right?
My wall of fame over my desk. Keeps me motivated and helps me continue to work hard everyday! (The hearts were done by Stevenson shimai before she left. Miss her.)
There was a baptism this weekend!
Naomichi kyoudai! He`s 18 and He`s awesome!
He was pretty stoked to get baptized

Welcome to Niihama branch, Naomichi! Love, The Niihama missionaries :)

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