Kobe, Japan

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Week 56 - Only Prays at Dinner

I hope you had just as a rewarding week as I did! We met with a Less Active sister who stopped coming to church when she was 14. Her family is totally active. They are very involved and very kind. I didn`t know they had a Less Active daughter until their mom came up to me at church a few weeks ago. Her mom took a video of us playing the ukulele at the Luau we had last month and showed her daughter. Her daughter said she wanted to learn how to play the uke so her mom asked me to teach her daughter. We set up an appointment to teach her at the church. When she came I taught her some chords, we played I am a Child of God, and then I started asking her mom questions about her own conversion.

Usually Japanese people don`t share those things with their children and I really wanted the daughter to hear her mom`s conversion story. As we discussed her experience her, the daughter (Yumi shimai) started asking questions about how we find comfort when life gets hard. Scheffler shimai asked her if she`d ever prayed before and she said she only prays at dinner when it`s her turn to pray. Scheffler shimai then bore testimony that God lives and that He knows each of us. He knows our trials and our weaknesses, as well as what makes us happy. This sister just cried and cried as we used our simple Japanese to testify of the fact that we have a loving Father in Heaven. She said she`s needed someone to say this to her for years but she wasn`t sure where she would find someone to tell her this. We invited her to continue meeting with us so we could not only grow our friendship, but so she could get closer to God again and she agreed SO fast! She said she would make time every week to meet with us. She also said she`d start praying everyday!

On top of that, we also had another less active sister come to church today who is well on her way to being fully active. She stayed for ALL of church and she told me she`d be coming again for sure this week too.

That`s the little excerpt from my week. There`s so much more that happened but it would take me too long to type out. So here`s a bunch of pictures instead! I don`t have anytime this week because we`re headed to Kyoto with some missionaries from Oomihachiman including the Boettchers` nephew, Elder Hansen.

The gospel is true. I love you!


Sister Heimuli

Love this lady.  We are Scheffler shimai and Heimuli shimai!

Griffin shimai and her companion came on exchanges with us.

My comp. She works hard, plays hard and sleeps hard. I looked behind me while I was getting ready this morning and she was passed out.  LOL!

Tell me this isn't the CUTEST thing you've ever seen!

Nasty squid thing from Zeze Matsuri. Can't believe I let Scheffler shimai talk me into buying it...waste of 6 bucks

Yummm...now that's more like it!  Corn dog and cotton candy...

People dressed in their yukatas for the festival

Candied apples from the festival

It's just me, Queen of Ootsu. Been here for 7 months.  Whaaaa?!

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