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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Week 54 - Worth It

Brad, what a stud. I remember we use to make trouble to each other in school. And I would ditch out on classes to buy him and Houst burgers at McD`s or Wendy`s. Brad`s a good, solid young man. I`m so grateful he and Houst are such good friends after all this time! I love those two boys.

Another week has come and gone. To answer your questions....YES we had 2 less actives at church and 2 investigators. The 2 less actives were two sisters that we visited, weren`t home, so we stuck hearts all over their doors that said `We love you` and I was shocked to see them walk up to me at church yesterday just ecstatic because of those paper hearts! One of them hadn`t been to church in over 5 years, and the other is a Less Active YSA who usually doesn`t go out on the weekends because she`d rather hang out with friends or do homework, but she came!

Since church was canceled last week, it was the first time I`d taken sacrament in a long time. I just sat there in our full congregation (it`s been pretty sparse lately), our 2 less actives sitting with their active families, our 2 investigators right next to us, and all their beautiful japanese voices singing about our Redeemer, and Savior Jesus Christ. I couldn`t bring myself to sing. I just sat there and soaked everything in.

Sister Scheffler and I are doing GREAT! We are healthy, happy, and we might gain 30 pounds this week because of the amazing package Aunty Nei sent us! There`s candy and goodies to last for a couple years in there! I usually don`t eat after planning at night (usually because we just don`t have food) but last night we stuffed our faces with girl scout cookies and swedish fish! It was awesome!

My favorite part of the week:  Finding a less active who lives down the street. While we were looking up addresses we noticed a Less active that lived right by us! We were kind of surprised that we hadn`t noticed it before. We walked to the apartment complexes and started knocking doors. This really kind grandma answers, looks at us, looks at our name tags and says, `Hey, you`re the two that are always wearing helmets and riding bikes, right? You always say hello and smile at me. Here, let me help you.` She took our paper with the Less active`s info on it and started walking around, knocking doors for us.

Everyone was really kind to her, because A) She`s a grandma, B) She speaks perfect Japanese and C) If that would`ve been us, people would`ve been slamming doors right and left! Every time someone opened the door it gave them an opportunity to see this Japanese, non-Christian lady helping 2 foreign-Christians. It also gave them opportunities to see our badges and to know that we are out trying to find people that used to come to our church that we haven`t seen in a while `...that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in Heaven.` (3Nephi 12:16)

One thing that makes my day is when I notice people looking at my badge and as they read it, I see them mouth, `Iesu Kirisuto` -- I LOVE IT! Because that`s one more person who knows Christ`s name. It also reminds me that I maybe their only example of who Christ is, for the rest of their mortal lives, so I always keep that in mind and try to be the kind of person He would want me to be! I run into people everyday who have never heard of Jesus Christ. Because we are always smiling and greeting people even as we ride past them on our bikes, a kind grandma took time out of her night to help us and we were able to meet more people in our neighborhood. Not only that, but when they asked `Why do they need to find this woman?` it gave us a perfect opportunity to tell people why we`re here and what we do.

I`d like to add my witness to that of President Holland`s...it`s worth it. Being a member of this church IS worth it. Smiling even when it might hurt IS worth it. Living up to the standards of this church and following the commandments IS worth it. Serving a mission and putting aside other affairs IS worth it. You can`t see the blessings now, but if you could....

I know this church is true.

It`s the simplest, most repeated line in the church. Yet it`s a line that`s changed my life.

I love this gospel. I love the atonement. I love you!

Make it a good week. Don`t wait for someone to tell you to have a good day. Just go ahead and make it a good one!

Love lots,

Sister Heimuli

P.S.  Just a few pics:

Sister Welch sent this photo to Sister Heimuli's parents.

Hard to say goodbye to another American:  Sister Stevens.

Siser Heimuli teaching eikaiwa (English class).

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