Kobe, Japan

Monday, October 7, 2013

Week 9 - Leaving SLC...Headed for Japan

This morning, Heimuli Shimai boarded the MTC bus at around 3:45 a.m.  From there, they went to the Front Runner station for the drive up to Salt Lake City.  From there, they transferred to Trax which took them straight to the SLC Airport.  Her brother, Hema, got up super early and was waiting there with a coat for her (she's been freezing) and some waterproof boots.  He ended up staying until he saw his sister board her plane for Seattle.
Oldest brother Hema met Heimuli Shimai at the airport bright and early -- actually dark and early -- to deliver her Converse bag, a warm wool coat, some rainboots, and a lot of love!
Hema snapped this photo of Black Shimai and Heimuli Shimai waiting at C13 for their flight to Seattle.  Hevynn is going to miss her MTC companion when they get split up in Kobe.  Uh-hmm, that is a phone stuck to her ear -- Heimuli Shimai had only a very limited time to call/text close family & friends...we were SO HAPPY to get to talk to her!

Picture Hema following his little sister around the airport as she sought out other members of her district -- such an awesome brother!  It's hard to keep up with her.  Here, Hema takes a pic of Heimuli Shimai and Black Shimai with some of their chorotachi (elders).
Hevynn & Hema share one last hug and a pic as she boards the plane.  Look out, Japan, here she comes!  See you in 15 and 1/2 months, Heimuli Shimai!

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