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Thursday, October 3, 2013

Feedback from General RS Meeting

Guess quite a few people spotted Sister Heimuli on Saturday.  Her CTR 7 Primary teacher, Berwyn Andrus, sent Mom a cute note and pic yesterday, and mentioned Hevynn's upcoming birthday.  I'm impressed that Berwyn remembers all this stuff...can you believe he was a Primary teacher to Hema, Helam and Hevynn!  Where has the time gone?
In 2001, Hevynn's Primary class toured the "new" Conference Center.  Who knew 12 years later she'd get to sing there?  L to R is Cason Stucki, Kyle Armatage (currently a missionary in Arizona Scottsdale Mission) and Hevynn
Another wonderful note was received yesterday as a result of Sister Heimuli's Conference Center experience.  Her oldest brother, Hema, served in Ecuador Guayaquil North Mission from 2006-2008 under the direction of President Randall L. Ridd and his beautiful companion, Tamina.  President Ridd is currently Second Counselor in the General Young Men's Presidency.  Really...where has all the time gone?
Sister Tamina Ridd, Elder Hema Heimuli and Pres.Randall L. Ridd on Hema's last night in Ecuador (May 2008)
Good morning Pania,

Just a quick note this morning to say hello and tell you we think about you and your sweet family all of the time.  I hope everyone is doing well. I was at the RS Conference last Saturday evening with two of my daughters.  Adrienne was quick to spot Hevynn in the choir.  She was so excited to see her that she just about jumped out of her seat.  Hevynn looked beautiful.  I hope she is doing well.

Also, last weekend, Rand and I were getting ready for bed, listening to the local news, and we kept hearing the sportscaster say, "Houston Heimuli" over and over again.  We rushed out of the bathroom and rewound the TV so we could catch all of the action!! Oh my goodness!

Anyway, there are lots of wonderful reminders of your family out there.  We love you all.  Please tell Hema and Norma hello for us.  How are they doing? Please stop by and see us if you are in our neighborhood.  

Randall and Tamina

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