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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Week 59 - Never Given a Book of Mormon Out Before

It`s been a whole week here on the island, and I`m loving it! My very first week here we were housing and we found a really nice lady that didn`t have a lot of interest in the gospel but she sat outside and talked to us for a really long time. She told us how amazed she was that 2 young ladies like ourselves were giving up 18 months because of our faith. And on top of that she praised our parents over and over again for raising us to be this way. She told us she used to go to a Christian church when she was younger but she doesn`t believe in Christianity. She also doesn`t believe in Buddhism...which is rare! Usually people use the `I`m a Buddhist` excuse on us but she was very open and honest. When we left we told ourselves we wanted to visit her again. Last week Saturday night came and we were nearby her house and decided to drop by. She came out and was so happy and surprised to see us! She was actually on the phone when we rang and she immediately hung up and swung open her door! She said she`s been thinking about us and wanted to see us again. Then we showed up! We talked a little more and eventually gave her a Book of Mormon. What is interesting is that during personal study that same morning we had both highlighted some of our favorite scriptures in a Book of Mormon and made a goal to give it out that day...perfect opportunity! She accepted it and apologized that she wasn`t a believer but she said she`d read what we had highlighted. You know what, that`s all we`re asking for. She promised us 3 minutes of reading of highlighted passages every day before she went to bed! 

What made this experience even better was how excited Stevenson shimai was. She`s never given a Book of Mormon out before so it was awesome just watching her hand this lady a copy of the book we all love so much. Stevenson shimai is a 4th transfer so she`s relatively young, I`m considered a grandma in the mission. Sometimes I forget how young Stevenson shimai is mission wise, because she`s such a mature missionary! It was awesome to be able to share an experience like this with her.  
Our week was full of unexpected things, but one of the BEST things was when we were riding around trying to locate a less active`s house but couldn`t find it. It was weird that we struggled to find it because we`d been there a couple times before and looked it up in our phone before (which has a built in navigator). So it was weird that we couldn`t find it. We were looking for almost a half an hour when an investigator called and said they wanted a lesson in 20 minutes. The timing of it all was just perfect! And we were able to get a solid lesson in. I don`t believe in coincidences. I don`t know how anyone can. There`s a Greater Power out there, and the Person who holds it is our loving Heavenly Father who will guide us and make things happen in our lives if we let Him. I`m so grateful I have wonderful parents who taught me that our Heavenly Father loves His children too much to leave things up to chance. He has a Plan, and He`s always aware of us. Like the Stripling warriors said, `We do not doubt our mothers knew it.` (Alma 56:48).

I have learned over and over again out here in the mission field that God loves His children here in Japan too much to leave His most important work to chance.  There are no coincidences.  We are ALL part of His plan.  It is OUR CHOICE what part we play in this wonderful Plan of our Heavenly Father.

Love you all!  Have a great week!

Sister H

Some island pics for you!
These are all the missionaries in my district! The Watabe fufu (front row at left) love
dad. They said they`re his number one fans...
Niihama church building
Our baptismal font
Heart-attacking some members
Stevenson shimai did all the work...go girl!
Elders and Ryouta kyoudai (choro in the pic)
Dinner at the Nakanishi fufu`s house!!!! It was the BEST! Yakiniku
is probably my favorite thing in the world!
At the chapel

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