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Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 36 - The Lord Feels for His Children

Wow! Dad`s going to start coaching?! It`s funny, one of my first weeks here in Ootsu a woman in our ward asked me if my dad played football for the Chicago Bears and I told her yes. She asked if he also played for BYU and I said yes. Then she started jumping up and down (which is so unlike japanese people) and I was shocked! She said that after her mission she moved to the U.S. for school and she remembered watching dad play football. Yes she is an OLD woman, haha. She always thought his name was interesting so when she heard my name it seemed familiar so she wanted to see if we were related. Haha! So good on dad, and I`m so happy to hear Harry wants to do something that doesn`t involve TV or the Xbox.
This weekend was the best weekend ever! At least, until next General Conference. Oh! I saw Scheffler shimai this weekend since we watched Conference together. She`s doing amazing too! I love that sister so much! When we see each other it`s like seeing family. I`ll send a picture of us. She looks great and she`s doing amazing! I hope my japanese gets as good as hers some day!

Me with Scheffler shimai, isn't she gorgeous?!
It didn`t even matter that General Conference here in Japan is delayed by a week...it is awesome no matter when, where, or in what language one enjoys Conference. I too learned SO much and found so much that I can improve on. I really like how all the talks highlighted the same theme...being a True Disciple. That`s something my mission has been focused on for years now. I was extremely humbled as I saw how revelation given to my mission president was the same revelation given to so many of the apostles about Discipleship and our role to bring others to (or back to) the path to Heavenly Father`s presence. Besides General Conference, my favorite part of the week was visiting some less active sisters in our ward. We talked with one sister whose husband passed away suddenly and how she`s kind of been all over the place since he died. It broke my heart to see how this woman has forgotten all the truths she learned about eternal families and how this principle of the gospel could help her put her life back in order again. She didn`t say she wanted to begin attending church again, but I could see her need for love and for members in our ward to reach out to her.
I really liked what Elder L. Tom Perry said about the nature of family relationships. These aren`t his exact words, but he said that when we`re with our families, it`s a little piece of what heaven will be like. And I could not agree more. I think back to the times when we had dinners, parties, game nights, jam sessions, and how happy everyone was (and I`m sure "is"...even without me there) because our family was/is together. I also think about how heartbroken we are when a loved one chooses the wrong path because we see their potential and know what they`re capable of, but they chose not to fulfill their potential. `...The God of heaven looked upon the residue of the people, and he wept...` `...Behold, these thy brethren; they are the workmanship of mine own hands, and I gave unto them their knowledge, in the day I created them...` (Moses 7:28, 32) 
I think if we could all feel at least a millionth of what the Lord feels for His children when they wander off the path, I know we would all be better missionaries! I`ve had many investigators come into my life. Some seem strong and promising. 
Went to the museum with our investigator. She is so cute. She calls herself my "Japan Mom."
But many fall away and disappear. If we could all feel what the Lord feels for His children I believe we`d all try a little harder to not only do what`s right, but to also help those around us to return to our (and their) Heavenly Father. I`ve been working with less actives a lot recently and I am only starting to scratch the surface as to what it means to truly love God`s children. These people accepted the gospel once. They can do it again! We just need the patience and the love to encourage and help them.
Hall shimai and I are doing fantastic! General conference was the boost we needed to pick up this last half of the transfer! We have big things coming up...an investigator`s baptism and we are so excited for him! 
Front row: me, Hall shimai, investigator's mom (she's adorable), investigator
Back row: Elder Jackson, Elder Maeno, Elder Novak, Elder De Oliviera
The weather has gotten absolutely amazing. We are so blessed to live close to Lake Biwa so that we can ride past it everyday. I love you all, I pray for you daily. Keep being True Disciples!
Love always,
Sister Heimuli

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