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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Week 14 - Righthandturnaphobia

I discovered that I have a phobia of Right hand turns. Anytime we`re biking and we round a corner; if it`s a right hand turn I always swing out way too wide. My first few days here in Akashi were miserable because I found myself getting extremely anxious if I saw Hayashi Shimai biking ahead of me turning right. My hands would get sweaty and my heart raced...this is all true I promise!
Heimuli Shimai & Hayashi Shimai...one of these sisters is afraid of right hand turns!
So Tuesday we biked an hour to a new convert`s house. She`s the only member in her family. We taught a short lesson on repentance and she didn`t know that we can repent everyday...so she learned something! Yokatta! She was so sweet and fed us some yummy fruits and made us tea, Mugicha...which I absolutely hate. But it looks healthy so I drank it anyways. I could tell she feels lonely and just wanted to chat. We were in a hurry to get to another appointment, but she just kept talking. When we finally left we were already late. We were in a hurry to get to our next appointment but the only problem was that every turn there were RIGHT TURNS. I had no time to crash or unnecessarily slow down.So I tried as hard as I could and prayed really hard that I wouldn`t crash...miraculously I didn`t! We actually made it to the appointment only a couple minutes late and since then my right hand turns have been pretty much successful. I can testify God really does strengthen our weaknesses!

I know God cares! You can know too if you look in Alma 26:37. My phobia is a small problem compared to other people`s problems but I promise God cares about what we care about. God`s timing is impeccable too...go figure! He`s all knowing. He`s the same yesterday, today, and forever. (Moroni 8:18)

Yesterday I experienced how much God really cares and how he knows what`s going on in his children`s lives.

Weigl Shimai spoke in Sacrament Meeting and us 4 shimaitachi sang. There was a baptismal service scheduled that morning too. We invited all our kyudosha to come and between the 2 companion ships there are about 20 kyudosha. In the morning before we headed out to church we walked down to our bikes and there was one of our kyudosha sitting on the sidewalk. We were surprised to see him there! We had told him about the baptismal service the day before and he told us he wanted to come. So we called a member to give him a ride and we rode our bikes to church. The baptismal service was great and I think he really felt the spirit. So next was sacrament meeting. He decided to stay for sacrament meeting and we were sitting in the back chatting with him when all of a sudden another kyudosha of ours walked in! We were so happy to see that we had 2 kyudosha come! Hayashi shimai and i exchanged looks we were so excited but that also meant we needed to split in order to teach both of them after sacrament.

Sacrament went fine and both our kyudosha wanted to have lessons but our first kyudosha wasn`t feeling well and he needed to go home. At first we were sad but we knew it would do him no good sitting through a lesson feeling sick. We needed to teach our other kyudosha but needed a chinese speaking member to doseki for us. We looked and couldn`t find anyone. All of a sudden a sister who is from China that happened to be visitng our ward said she`d doseki. (doseki is a member sit in) We began the lesson and it was kind of difficult, I was transulating japanese for the Chinese Sister into English, She was speaking chinese to our kyudosha, and the kyudosha and Hayashi shimai were speaking japanese. The kyudosha speaks a little bit of Japanese but it definitely helps to have a native chinese speaker helping us! The spirit took over and the lesson went amazingly well! Our kyudosha just kept saying, ``shinjitte imasu! shinjitte imasu!`` I believe I believe! I know it was not a coincidence that the Chinese sister was visiting our ward that sunday and that our other kyudosha went home. There are other things that also fell into place perfectly in order for us to teach that lesson to her. God really does have a hand in his work!

I testify God is aware of us. If I knew nothing else except that, I could be happy in life. But lucky me I have the whole gospel! I can be happy now, tomorrow, and forever! Try to recognize the evidence of God`s awareness of you this week. You`ll see some cool experiences as you try I promise! You`ll see miracles.

Keep up the good work ya`ll! Like Elder Keith K. Hilbig says, `You survived the war in Heaven; you can win the war on Earth.`

All my love,

That sister in Japan

Shimaitachi with investigator (standing next to me). Cute baby and ward missionary in the background. Gotta love the fancy frame -- a member sent this to me of our volleyball activity last week. Wearing my C4DZYNZ shirt!

Taken today (P-day): Kids playing at the park...they're adorable! I want to take them all home!
View from the back door of our balcony

Hayashi Shimai during our study sesh at the church...she's so crazy...she cracks me up! I LOVE HER!

Indo curry place where we ate...totes good.

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